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China Times
Chen Xinyu, Xinbei

Lusong District Encipchellets will set exclusive electronic identity cards, units, tree species, tree species, and live photos to more than 1700 signs trees in the whole district. (Provided by Luzhou District)


The Lusong District Environment is set exclusive electronic identity card in more than 1,700 signs, including construction, tree species, tree sidelines and live photos, inspections or people to find trees by insects, fold, can use mobile phone to sweep the trees qr code Directly connect the traffic tree management system to speed up the processing, and encourage the people to understand the tree species and have a disaster relief and education.

Chang Lai Junda, Luzhou District, said that the road tree is the first place in the case, in 2015, Sudler hits, the road tree fell more than 400, accounting for the total number of 40%, the disaster is heavy, therefore, design the whole country The first \"sidewalk tree intelligence management and disaster prevention notification system\".

Lai Junda said that the public office has been working hard to successfully build a total of more than 1,700 road trees in the whole district, combined with the text file, with the anode-treated aluminum sheet thunder, trees, trees, exclusive QRCODE, and use the spring The name is trunk on the brand.


According to the public, it has been built in the Sanmin Road, Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan 2nd Road, Zhongshan Road, Zhongzheng Road, Changrong Road and Jiuxian Road, including 600 trees, exclusive electronic identity card. It is expected to complete the whole area before the end next year.

Lai Junda said that the effect of the city's heat island has become more serious. The city government encourages the trees in all districts to cool down, but they will affect the people during the wind, so they have designed the exclusive electronic identity card for the simplified publication process. Telephone query the trouble of tree supervisor, layered transfer, and let the public can send instant members, dispatch the machine to handle it.

Li Jianming, Tree Party, said that the music department attaches great importance to the city trees, and it is also recommended that the Newbei Municipal Government has a comprehensive view of the tree, trimming and maintenance, so that the trees are healthy, and there are problems such as the cause of life and property of the people.

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