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springSpring is a tool for storing mechanical potential energy through elasticity, there are many different designs. In daily use, the term usually refers to a coil spring, which is made of spring steel. Using spring elasticity can control the movement of the machine, mitigate the impact or vibration, savings energy, the size of the measurement, etc., is widely used in the machine, instrument


MODERN QUALITY COMPANY LTD. is enamped, seeking new and seeking, innovation, Nikli color anode treatment, is the permeability anode treatment, all kinds of colors can be plated, using a single anode treatment film thickness can reach 20μ Extend the life of aluminum plate, high-tech high quality, acid and alkali, salt spray test for more than 500 hours, anti-UV ultraviolet rays for 600 hours. The protective film uses a car anti-UV paint.

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