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Inscription Edition:
MODERN QUALITY COMPANY LTD. Ming Edition, Quality Certification: ISO 9001 Certified Company seeks new and seeking change, innovation, Nai Mi color anode treatment, permeability anode treatment and color spraying, all kinds of colors can do an anode treatment The film thickness can reach 20μ extending the inscription version of life, high-tech high quality, can be sun-rained for more than 5 years, salt spray test for more than 500 hours, anti-UV ultraviolet rays 600 hours font will not fade. Protective layer uses a car anti-UV paint
Imprint Edition Advantages:
Through multiple SGS test moisture resistance (salt fog) 500 hours anti-UV600 hours scratch 100
Chemical drug (95% alcohol 3% hydrochloric acid 3% nitric acid) 24-hour anode thick film 20μ
Many public centers in the province order Temple Temple, MRT, private groups, Shu, Ai Earth, Sightseeing Attractions, listed companies amusement park
Park sidewalk tree
A dragon census web design code QR CODE preparation (action barcode) photo file design
Printing protective film spring making hanging trees. Park census air shoot draw simple plan
Provide a variety of specification inspection documents to provide tree card data purposes,
Spring production 40 years of experience, with the highest-resistant steel wire with the highest anti-acid, the highest corrosion resistance, excellent elasticity, we are determined to do the best quality spring.
Company Name: Mingji Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 41, Lane 269, Renai Street, Sanhuang District, Xinbei City
Tel: 02-2971-0237 2287-7121 F: 02-22877616
Business: Xu Weiyi 0931-207-675 Zhang Yaowen: 0937-978-7121
Business nature: manufacturing, service
Main Categories: Mingplate & Imprint Edition, Cat, Spring / Other
Main Products: Imprint, Tree brand name, garden solution, tree identity card, cup mat

Major Trade Area (Sell): Asia
Main competitive advantage: excellent quality, accept small orders, accept the original manufacture of ODM


MODERN QUALITY COMPANY LTD. is enamped, seeking new and seeking, innovation, Nikli color anode treatment, is the permeability anode treatment, all kinds of colors can be plated, using a single anode treatment film thickness can reach 20μ Extend the life of aluminum plate, high-tech high quality, acid and alkali, salt spray test for more than 500 hours, anti-UV ultraviolet rays for 600 hours. The protective film uses a car anti-UV paint.

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