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Nano Color Printing Aluminum Coaster

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  • 明翌

Cup mat
1.Systematic productionQRCODE
2.Advantages of epidural anode processing
3.Factory equipment is perfect
4.Develop new product colorful anodedeal with
5.Tree ImprintEmpiricalillustrate
6.Tree card1 ~ 4Genesis design concept
7.Precious trees design
8.promotePlanting tree loves the globe landscaping

Sales method: manufacturing
Sales Target Market: Taiwan
Inquiry payment method: t.t. Wire
Size: 8x5 cm

Competitive features
Excellent quality: Ming Niem Colorful Aluminum Edition Cat made by aluminum plate manufacturing
Accepting a small order: Ming Ji Industrial Co., Ltd. accepts the minimum order quantity of 10 pieces
Nai Mi Colorful Aluminum Edition Cup accepts the original commissioned design and manufacturing ODM


MODERN QUALITY COMPANY LTD. is enamped, seeking new and seeking, innovation, Nikli color anode treatment, is the permeability anode treatment, all kinds of colors can be plated, using a single anode treatment film thickness can reach 20μ Extend the life of aluminum plate, high-tech high quality, acid and alkali, salt spray test for more than 500 hours, anti-UV ultraviolet rays for 600 hours. The protective film uses a car anti-UV paint.

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